Lazy Satudays!

     Well, for the first time in lord knows how long we had a Saturday off! A really life, really real, mid weekend Saturday off!! Between my jobs, photography shoots, & life in general there has been a shortage of what my wife refers to as "No-Pants Days!" where we all do our best to just spend the whole day at home in our PJs. About mid day we decided Jayden & I would get dressed & get him a hair cut before his school pictures on Tuesday.  It took just a bit of convincing because as he informed me "If I get my hair cut today & pictures are not until Tuesday my hair will have grown a few centimeters by then, I really want to look handsome for my pictures!"  So when we arrived at the barber shop he informed our regular barber about the situation & asked her to kindly take off an extra centimeter to account for growth!  Classic!
     After that when headed to a local creek behind a family members house to search out some firewood. This was Jayden's first trip to the creek that I spent time at as a kid. While he is not much of what I would classify an 'out doorsy kid' he had a blast none the less! Since we were in the middle of town & all of a sudden through the brush it opened up into this massive, green, water covered "hidden oasis" as he called it. (Though I must add, seeing as there are several TVs, washers, & other nasties we really may have to work on his definition of oasis.) He loved it & had me take this picture so we could remember 'our spot' later. These are the kind of things I thought about when I was a kid & was thinking of being a dad someday. Pretty awesome. In the picture he has a red box that we found in our family members shed. An old transistor radio from the 50s or 60s still new in the box. We knew it was a long shot but he asked for it so we could find a battery & try to get it working. Sadly after a fresh battery we had no luck but I have been told that he is going to learn everything he can about radios & will get it working so we will leave this one at "to be continued..."

     Aaaannnndddd, now that the kids are in bed & the wife is watching the OSU football game. I retire to blog & enjoy the classier things in life! Have a great night

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