Oklahoma Earthquakes! {Call Kevin Bacon & Reba, Here Comes The Grab-Oids!}

     We live just outside of Oklahoma City, OK & in the last 3 days we have had 29 earthquakes including the largest in state history at 5.6 magnitude.  Now today we have tornado's & flooding rain so to say the least we have odd weather here, we always have.  80 in the afternoon & snow at night, weather changes like the wind here.  That being said, earthquakes are a new thing for most of us! I've been through my share of tornado's including some very close calls with some very large tornado's but last night when the 5.6 earthquake hit & the pictures fell, the windows rattled, & the stacks of paperwork on our desk fell my wife & I were more than a little freaked out! The photo to the left is one of my local public library that a friend of mine took.
My little town has been on the news nationally because of the damage to the local 100 year old college but MY main problem is this: Why when the news comes (all news but more so when national news comes) to Oklahoma do they always....always pick out the people that are going to best represent our state to the rest of the world! The screen shot attached to this post should explain it all! Thanks for reading!

Earthquakes? Oklahoma?

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