Blog +Video = Vlog Awesomeness!

     I love You Tube, when I get on it I end up getting sucked into video after video & before I know it I've been sitting here for an hour! Why!?! Why are cat & baby videos so mesmerizing! Either way! I've created my own You Tube Channel & if you are into that kind of thing you should head over & check out a few. More & more will come I'm sure. Don't forget to click "Subscribe"!

Here is a clip from a conversation with about his feelings that is pretty funny. At one point he says "You two are the best parents a boy could ask for!" to that what could we reply except "Jayden, do you want a pony!?! Because if you want one I'll get you one after that!"

 & one more, a visit from a not so great version of Santa last year!?!

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