My Son Is Weird? {Oh, I'll Show You Weird!}

Cookin' Mom Dinner

     As many of you know & have probably been through the dentist is hard for all kids but more so for special needs kids. Jayden, my aspie, did so well with his last dentist visit even letting them pull a tooth with out sedating him this time! Our previous trip included a sedation so the work could be done. After this last visit went so well he came back & told our 6 year old Zion, who has General Anxiety Disorder, all about the awesome experience so Zion wanted to go! That was a big deal because he is so fickle & nervous all the time so we jumped at the chance. All the steroids & other medications over the years due to his sever lung problems have left his teeth in desperate need of help, while they don't hurt him we still wanted to get them taken care of while he was on board!
     Tomorrow is the big day, we got the OK from his Dr. at the physical today for everything to happen. He is super cool about it so far & my wife & I are the nervous ones! Its so scary anytime you put a kid under, even for me & I'm a medic working in an emergency room! Everything will be just fine but I thought since I was thinking about him tonight while I finish this long 12 hours in the ER I would post a few pics & ask for some crossed fingers!
     The other thing is that tomorrow is, oh course, Special Needs Ryan Gosling Day! If you don't know what that is head over to Sunday Stilwell's blog Adventures In Extreme Parenthood to check out all her great Special Needs Ryan Gosling Memes as well as see all the other special needs bloggers that link up doing their own memes. Seeing as I will probably be busy tending to a very grumpy post surgery 6 year old I wanted to go ahead & post mine but since I'm not doing it on the same day as everyone I figured I would do a different picture as well. I hope you like!

Doin' it cave man style!

Helping dad play some bluegrass!
At the Oklahoma City Zoo!

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  1. OMG, I think that is the funniest Ryan meme picture I've seen yet. I needed that laugh. THANK YOU.

  2. I have no clue where you found that picture but I am cracking up and slightly disturbed by it at the same time. Here is hoping the appointment goes well and your little guy gets the teeth taken care of with little anxiety.

  3. That's my favorite Ryan movie. Well played.

  4. That's awesomely weird and disturbing!

  5. That was one of the strangest Ryan movies I ever watched, but oddly entertaining and sweet too!
    This is awesome!


  6. That pictures is priceless, love it!

  7. That is the best Ryan meme ever! Love!

  8. How dare you post such a disturbing picture of SNRG; you're screwing up all the mom fantasies out here. ;) Totally funny though!

    Oh, and weird is cool in our house!

  9. Best Ryan Meme EVER! And Fingers crossed for your little guy at the dentist! I have to take my O in soon too, cause he has a cavity and that's the only way they can work on him, I understand the nerves!

  10. I do hope your son did very well at the dentist yesterday and it all went without a hitch. I was always very upset about the dentist. Too many tactile and sound issues for me. I eventually ended up adjusting to it by becoming extremely rigid and quiet and dropping off into as much day dreaming as possible. Now I have issues with pain that keep me from going to the dentist and I still have massive problems with the sounds that come from those awful little drills and such. It's wonderful that your other son did so well, there, too.

    Adorable pictures. Very cute.

    Except the Ryan one... LOL... Sorry, I didn't understand that one so much. ;-) I've not done the Ryan memes at all, yet. Still looking through them.

    Best wishes,

  11. Lars and the Real Girl! Love that movie. Ryan plays a man who certainly has some spectrum traits. It's a beautiful story, although I have a hard time imagining an entire town being that kind. When I saw all the moms getting exited about Ryan Gosling, I had to look him up and see who he was. Oh, he's Lars! Actually, that's the only movie I've seen him in. Susan Senator recommended it in one of her books. If you haven't seen this movie, you should!

    1. I'm glad I'm not the only one who saw those traits in Lars! I hadn't seen anyone mention it in any posts with the memes so I was like "apparently I'm just seeing autism in everything!" Good to know I'm not. ;O

  12. Here is to hoping your son does great at the dentist.... by the way, I don't really like going to the dentist either.

    You know, the first time I heard of Aspergers, was on the TV show Partenthood. I didn't understand what it was so I looked it up online. Since then, I have been hearing quite a lot about it.

    I am following GFC, would appreciate a follow back. Going to check and see if I follow on twitter too.


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