Surgery, Emergency Rooms, Tornados, & I'm Turning 30! {A Wild Weekend}

    In my last blog we were getting ready for my middle son Zion, who has an anxiety disorder as well as sever asthma, to have oral surgery.  All went pretty well, he was nervous and that translated into a lot of itching but other than that we were good to go.  He took it like a champ and all was well going in.  After he was brought into recovery where we were waiting he was confused & scared, coming out if anesthetic is so bad as I'm sure a lot of you know.  He was in pain, scared, & looked like someone just shot ol' yeller!  I'm pretty sure if I would have been able to cut off my pinky finger with a rusty knife to take that feeling away from him I would have cut off both just to be safe. His O2 saturation was running low but that's nothing new & we are more than equipped to handle it so they let us head home before the storms rolled in.
     When we made it home we tried a little bit of water to try & calm his stomach since the bloody vomiting had started before we even left the parking lot of the hospital.  Water went in...then it came out!  We tried a bit of food & it went in....then it came out.  No big deal, that's normal for the anesthetic!  Fast forward 6 hours later.  Rain is beating down on our town, the warning sirens are howling, & a tornado has just touched down about 1 1/2 miles away from our house. As we watched the meteorologist to see where the tornado was I hear my wife say "Where is Jayden?", she had brought a mattress down stairs from one of the kids bunk beds so we could use it if we got hit & jayden had crawled between it & the wall.  When we asked him if he was okay he just said, "yeah, just getting ready for the tornado".  We all ducked into our small hallway between the living room & bathroom with a mattress by the door to block possible debris. As you can see from this picture I snapped Zion is still puking his guts out in an emesis bag, Jayden has his nose in the ipad, dean is whining to momma, & my poor wife is just beat down & worn out! It was a long day!

In our "Safe Spot" tornado about 1/2 mail away. Zion still sick & vomiting from surgery today by Adventures In Aspergers

     After the tornado skirted us & we were safe I decided to load Zion up to take him to the Emergency Room.  With some luck & a very pale looking excuse for a son they got us right back into a room.  A little bit of nausea medicine & he was right as rain!  All in all a pretty long day with lots of ups & downs but hey, we have all our fingers, we have all our toes, & our house is still standing!  If anything I'm pretty happy about all the crazy things that kept us busy, it gave me something to do besides think about the fact that I'm turning 30 on Monday! 30! In the words of the immortal Joey Lawrence "whoa!!"

The View From Our Front Porch


  1. I SO don't miss living in Texas and spending half of spring living in the bathroom with kids passing gas and crying because the tornado is going to destroy the Wii.

    Nausea medicine rocks. Glad he's feeling better!

    Happy (early) Birthday. 30 isn't so bad!

  2. Holy crap! That's enough for one day! I hate hospital trips and puke more than you know.

    I turn 30 here in less than two months, and it's starting to get at me. I mean, I've lived enough for anyone twice my age...but I don't want to be olllldddddddd!

  3. We spent half the weekend in the basement closet as well. Sigh. I am glad he's feeling better. The next time you have to have anesthesia you can ask for the Reglan (or whatever they use) to be given through the IV during or right after surgery. It will totally help with the puking. :)

  4. Glad you're all safe and Zion is feeling better! A lot happened in my thirties, but I can tell you that being thirty-something's not bad!

  5. Happy belated birthday!

    I hope Zion is feeling better. Anti-nausea medicine is magical. We always end up with post op ER visits, but we have never had a post op tornado. Yikes!


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