Treat or Treat? Why would you trick me I just want candy? {A DIY Halloween}

    So after a bit of a hiatus I'm back!  When asking the kids what they wanted to be this year for Halloween we got around 286 different answers over the last month but after weeding through the "really!?!" ideas we came to the finals. Jayden, our aspie, HAD to be a Mad Scientist. Zion, our 5 year old with GAD, picked a ghost! Not just any ghost but the ghosts from his favorite movie, Beetlejuice. Lastly my youngest son, Deano, wanted to sport a Robot costume. Of course none of these costumes were found at any of the local stores so we put on our creative underpants & went all DIY!!
     The ghost was easy enough! The mad scientist was pretty easy, after a trip to dad's closet to steal a dress shirt & a tie, we found what we lacked at wal-mart. Deano's Robot on the other hand was a bit more involved! A box, a can of spray paint, some water bottle lids, some old head phones, & a calculator later we were a robot!
     Now, I'm not what you would call a "handy guy!" but I think we did pretty awesome.  It wasn't the most functional costume in the world as mom can attest to picking him up out of a random families flower bed after a fall & what looked something like a turtle's attempt to get off his back! If I was there at that time there would be a pic on here of it but for my sake, deano's sake, & DHS (who probably would have gotten a call if other parents saw me out there snapping photos while he was crying on his back helpless in a flower bed!) I'm glad I wasn't there. Thanks for reading & thanks for visiting my blog after the hiatus!
Making A Robot!

Halloween 2012

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