How To Make Anti-Social Kids Social! {Uh...Force Them Of Course}

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We had the bright idea last week to have a garage sale. It's 100 degrees in Oklahoma right now so, I mean, why NOT do something that requires you to sit out in the heat for several hours while most 60 something ladies peruse through your stuff letting you know that the fall scarecrow door hanger is in fact NOT worth the .50 cents you marked it with! If you want this thing sold it's got to be .25 & not only she's firm on that quarter but willing to walk back to her 2013 Lincoln Navigator & head to the next yard sale if you're not going to play ball!

We thought we would plant the idea of a Lemonade Stand for the kids & it worked. I thought it would be a fight but Samantha had them totally pegged as being into it! I was sure the anti-social shut in odd balls would take a "Not No But Hell No" stance that I would have to bribe/negotiate into a solid "Okay, if we have to."(I have no idea where they get that from as I plug away on the computer instead of being outside on a beautiful sunny day) They really got into it! Dean grabbed the perfect cash register (a bloody zombie head), Jayden made the advertisements, & Zion.....complained about the heat until we let him go back inside. A success none the less! $12 for the two day permit to have the sale, $5 in lemonade stand supplies & price stickers, & we made about $80. Well worth it to clean out the garage & get rid of crap that's to nice to throw away but not nice enough to still be in the house. I'm just sayin'...
The amazement that is The Trash Truck!

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  1. That is so cool!! And even better that you didn't have to force the boys - and the advertisements were just adorable!!


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