The Scene Of The Crime {When An Aspie's Hard Work Is Destroyed}

Okay, so I wanted to tell you about something but couldn't really bust out the camera during the moment it happened & lets just face it, I'm to much of a photographer to publish a blog post without pictures so forgive the lack of photos but read this anyway!!

If you read the blog then you know all about Jayden's favorite app PaperCraft that I posted about. Jayden's papercraft creations are pretty important to him but I had no idea! You know, just when you think you have a hold on the depth of autism that's when you get a slap in the face!

Jayden came to me while I sat at my desk last night with a devastated look on his face. Not an upset face, the "Just Shot Ol' Yeller" face! He said he needed to talk to me about something very serious in his room. I went in to find the scene of the crime! A brother Unnamed Suspect had been in Jayden's room & spilled a bottle of water on the desk, all over the papercraft figures. I immediately went into "Save The World Mode" trying to calm him down before the massive apocalyptic meltdown came on. I let him know that we could make more & I would help & I'm sure it was unintentional & anything else I could think of. Samantha, who had come in to help, & I both were sorely unprepared for what was about to come out of his mouth! With all my "Glass Half Full / Mr. Positivity" talk I think he may have thought I just wasn't understanding how big of a deal this was as his face was buried in his weighted blanket crying. "It's going to be okay, Jayden! We can overcome this & get through." He raised his head from the blanket, looked up at me with his massive blue tear filled eyes, & said words that I will never forget as long as I live! "You just don't understand! Those papercraft figures that were destroyed were like my sons!" Pardon my french but I almost lost my sh*t! I'm actually pretty proud of myself & how I kept a completely straight face, reassuring him that I understood how important they were & how much work went into them. When the tears were dry & he was headed off to the restroom to brush his teeth....that's when we both lost our composure! Really!! Like my sons!! It was like a scene from a bad movie! Maybe the single saddest & funnest moment in my life to date! I was a great dad for having so much empathy & compassion but then at the same time a horrible parent for finding the whole thing so freakin' funny! So I guess on the Good-Parent-O-Meter I'm zeroed out. Oh well!


  1. Oh man!!! I feel bad but I'm laughing at the same time!! I can so see that happening because Bug is the same way...oh the complexities of they never cease to amaze.

  2. Oh the drama that ensues being an aspie parent... I hear the craziest things out of my child's mouth!


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