Did Somebody Say.....Ass Burgers!?! {A Full House Danny Tanner Moment}

Jayden(in red) playing Pokemon with his cousin

     I don't know about other kids but I know my Aspie is somewhat....how you say.... Pokemon obsessed! No only do we have somewhat of an over abundance of card & toys but we also are the proud owners of several large stacks of  hand drawn "New & improved" kinds of Pokemon cards. Most days, as I'm saying goodnight at his bedside, there are two things I can count on; 1. is he will give me what he calls a 'Forever Hug' that it's my job to try to break away from in some new creative way. 2. I'm going to get a "Short" (very loose use of the word short!) educational presentation on the new Pokemon cards that were created on that day.
     All that being said my sister-in-law took this Pokemon card obsessed Asperger's kid to......dare I say it.....I had dreaded his discovery of it.....The Comic Book Store, dun dun dun!!! That's right, the comic book store! Magic cards, D&D, 6 sided die, bean burrito on your shirt, collecting toys & leaving them in the box to show your friends because they are 'really gonna be worth a lot someday', comic book store! ahhhhhhhh! Hey, it's okay. I'll be fine. Let just keep this thing contained to Pokemon, kinda like in that 90's movie 'Outbreak'. I'm the tranquil unsuspecting town, Jayden is the cute little monkey, & the comic book store is the crazy killer virus! Okay so maybe that's extreme but MAN its a struggle with stuff like this. While I know a place like that is right up his ally & he would just blow his lid to go into places like that i also know that things like magic cards or D&D with a kid like Jayden will totally consume his thoughts. When Mario was his interest we couldn't even get him through a week of school with out a note from the teacher stapled to a spelling test full of Yoshi eating the letters or Mario jumping on them. I may be just over protective, okay let me rephrase that 'I AM freakin' over protective! Why can't I just sit down on the bed with comet at my feet, cue the 90's guitar riff in the background, & then uncle Joey & I can talk the Asperger's right out of this kid. What ever happened to predictability? The milkman? The paperboy? Sorry, couldn't help myself. :) Well, maybe it's not as bad as I make it out but I have a fear he will turn out as the comic book guy on the Simpsons. On the bright side, glass half full Tom says if he DOES turn out to be comic book guy from this Simpsons I will be crazy proud of my son for owning his own business I guess!


  1. This makes me smile...I feel your thoughts in everyway. My son is the "video game" kid. Mario, Sonic, DK and now Skylanders! As I tuck him in at night, I know I will be asked for a kiss, a hug and a squeeze followed by him telling me something about the newest game character of the day! :)

  2. My son does exactly the same thing for all his "interests". We have ninjago drawings, new improved lightsabers and starfighters amd new pokemon. His art projects at school always have said "interest" included. He has just started taking photos of his lego pokemon and making movies out of the photos with narration. I think the longest so far is 20 minutes. yay!

  3. Hi, My name is Heather. I have some questions for you about Aspergers. My son just started school and we are having somany problems. He is the sweetest kid, but has never been like other kids. Is there anyway I could correspond through email with you? Im trying to figure out if I should have Noah tested and what that might entail. He is so smart but emotions are one thing he has never understood. We have tantrums like nothing I have ever seen. Maybe this is me trying to find an answer for misbehavior but I would be happier knowing I tried than just saying yep he needs more discipline. Thanks!

  4. in my 30s now...and i still love playing Pokemon, MTG, Yugioh...pretty much all those card games... and i still watch the shows too. and pokemon 3ds commercial is playing right now as i type this comment. how cool is that!!!

  5. If I did not know better I would say you were writing about my son. Everything we get home from school has drawings on the back. We have new Ninjago, Pokemon and Zombies that we get to look at everyday

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