New Study On Autism & Bullies {I'm probably going to jail for hitting a 6th grader!}

      In case you haven't seen one of the many articles about the new study out in Archives of Pediatrics & Adolescent Medicine, click here to see the NY Times article, all about how half of kids with Autism are bullied in mid & high school! Freakin' half!?! Really! I mean, yeah I knew it was happening but half! De-freaking-pressing. In the story they say that the largest part of the kids who are bullied are the Asperger's or high functioning kids because they are mainstreamed & as a result stand out more. Seeing as they, a lot of time, don't get sarcasm or even humor or the fact that it's super easy to throw them into a frenzy & sit back to watch the show they are #1 on the list. Now, this article isn't really telling me anything all of us as parents of special needs kids didn't already know but just like seeing my age or how much I weigh actually written down in print it makes it real. One of those, 'I know it's bad but probably not as bad as I expect it to be!' situations, you know what I mean?
     The article talks about one kid who had his home work stolen so they could watch him meltdown because he didn't have it. Another story talks about the bullies pulling a boys pants down in front of everyone. Like this story talks about, I'm not sure Jayden would come home & tell me or anyone for that fact about something like this. There has been so many times when something happened that any other kid would have talked about but we don't find out til 3 months later due to an off handed remark, then we are like "What, when did that happen!?!" So, yeah, this is some scary stuff! In the Lifetime movie with Valerie Bertinelli about your kid getting bullied you probably learned that one of the reasons NOT to go up to the school & confront the bully or his parents & just let the school handle it though the proper channels is because when you do that the bullies will bully more or make fun because the kids Dad has to handle it for him! This, my friends, is where the Autism card comes in handy! I'm just sayin'. My kid already has problems making friends & my kid has trouble understanding sarcastic remarks about his daddy rescuing him. What does all that mean you ask? It means that when I come to the school throw a beatin' to a 6th grader & then wait in the car line for the kids parents so I can throw them a beatin' too there are a few benefits:
A.) Thanks to Autism, Jayden wouldn't mind me taking care of this problem for him.
B.) Thanks to Autism, If some little crap face kid is brave enough after seeing what happened to the last one & his parents to make a joke again, Jayden probably isn't going to understand it anyway.
C.) Thanks to Autism, There will be at least a few parents out there who will identify with me as they watch me being pushed into the back of a police car on CNN.
D.) Thanks to Autism, Jayden probably wouldn't mind visiting his dad in the local county jail for the next 12-18 month.

(This is all in fun, I do not advocate beating up kids! Please don't beat up a kid & then say Tom put the idea in your head!)

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  1. At least you didn't say you wanted to punch a second grader...don't know who would say that after watching a second grader blatantly make fun of their child....

    1. Agreed, under 5th Grade I will just beat up the parent ;) Sad to say though I'm pretty weak so all this fighting would probably just result in a trip to the ER for me! haha

  2. My husband actually saw one of our son's tormenters 'tag' him with a closed fist in the back. He showed an amount of restraint in the situation that I still cannot muster. As someone who is still trying to the let the system deal with it, I comfort myself with the thought that the 3 years worth of faxes and emails to the Principal will make for great documentation in our inevitable lawsuit against the school district.

    And we are only in elementary school. I am terrified for Middle & High school

  3. It's a pleasure to read your blogs. This one had my heart agreeing with everything you said while I guffawed at my work desk.

  4. Thank you for sharing this article with everyone. The numbers are even worse for kids with Asperger's - a survey by the Interactive Autism Network out of Kennedy Krieger found that 61% of students with an AS diagnosis were currently being bullied! We recently wrote a blog post with links to bullying prevention resources for parents: Please share with your readers if you think they will find it helpful. October is National Bullying Prevention Month so this is the ideal time to keep this topic in the news.

  5. Im already planning on taking the "is she really that psycho" role Im not going to lay a hand on the kid that torments my sons but perhaps as he is walking in front of my car the window will slide down and a baby chicken will have its neck rung all the while I will be making full eye contact with the bully. I will also whisper things in bullies ears like " you know there are 4 bodies already under our beach shack would you like to be number 5". etc etc

  6. Oh the bullies... My Aspie is in 3rd grade this year and had alot of trouble from a couple of boys last year. Like Ms. Ruskin's child, Alex was one day "tagged" with fists on the playground, "tagged" over and over until he was on the ground. The school did handle it, much to their credit. However, I knew the names of those little miscreants AND I work for the local police department. Had to keep telling myself that I must use my powers for good, not evil...


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