Dead Plants & Crazy Days

     Life as of late has proven to be a bit hectic! Home school, photography, work at the hospital, more photography, life in general, & a partridge in get the picture. Last week we did our studio did a couple of days of Old School Campout Themed Sessions. It went smooth & the photos turned out amazing but we did NOT count on how hot it was going to be already! When we hit the 90 mark I was reminded...Yes, you are fat Tom! Yes, you should work out & eat better like your wife tells you!
A few of my favorites of our boys at the campout sessions
        If you come here often...{insert 'how u doin', u come here often' Joke Here} that a while back we planted some plants with the boys to show them how the process works. Check that post out here. Jayden stopped me as I was playing with his brothers to give me "An important piece of mail that just came in!" It was a folded piece of paper that he had made to look like a letter. When I opened it up it simply read:

Dear Daddy,

     Our plants (tomato, sunflower, and strawberry) are Dieing, I just noticed today.
         Your Son,

P.S. Pink was the only color choice I had to write this with.
P.P.S. I love you.

     I'm not sure if it was just a notice to me that the plants were headed down the drain or if he was maybe worried I would be sad about it because I made such a big deal out of planting them & trying to grow them. Either way it was a great gesture done in the only way I would expect from a kid with Asperger's; fact driven & no frills. This is what it is, boom, that's it! Classic.

This Is Autism


  1. I LOVE the pic with the sock monkey! He looks like the littlest hobo taking a break from riding the rails! Too freaking cute!

  2. Your photos are adorable. Hey I think right to the point is good, at least he tried to cushion it with a letter and all. I hope you can save the plants hun

  3. The photo of your son that captures Asperger's reminded me that I have a similar photo of my son. My son's obsession is all things Cars (but also includes anything Hot Wheels, Monster Jam, or anything with wheels). I took this one photo of him that to this day still melts my heart because it perfectly captures him.

    I love those moments.


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