My Birthday, Passover, & New Car Smell! {I'm Old 3:30PM Supper Anyone?}

     As I have said before Jayden does therapeutic listening with Vitals Sounds Cd's. It has been odd to see how just listening to different sounds or music can effect him in such a massive way. We had a CD last month that was just strange sounds that somewhat sounded like music to me & Jayden's mood after his listening would just be great! Happy, hyper, but happy none the less! Now on to this months CD... holy crap! You would think that classical music would be relaxing & calming but nnnnooooo! Not for OUR aspie! Mozart worked well but this CD is Vivaldi & does not agree with him at all. He is agitated, overloaded, & just all aspergersy...that's right, Aspergersy! P.S. Jayden's listening is a little more high tech than the one Samantha & I found in a box months back but we couldn't help but break it out, slap in a old billy idol tape & rock the crap out of it!

     Okay, so tomorrow starts Passover! I am cooking Passover dinner & I'm crossing my fingers that the boys will be open to it. Deano(3 year old NT & classic boy) is pretty open to trying new foods as long as he is eating off my plate! Zion(5 years old & being evaluated for who knows what in June!) is sometimes open to new foods as long as its presented just right & has barbecue sauce. Jayden (8 year old aspie) is pretty closed off to foods, he has about 8 or so that he likes & it is pretty much an act of congress to try something new. On our menu during Passover is fruity chicken, I know it sounds like a funk band from the 1970's, & all kinds of other good stuff; Matzah, wine, good times. I will blog aaaalllll about it soon! As a Jew I'm a far cry from observant & Samantha is a Methodist but in my own odd twisted way & with a copy of the Passover episode of 'Rug Rats' we should have a great night!

     So, I'm officially headed over to my profile & facebook after I publish this blog so I can update my age. BOO! I turned 29 yesterday. Thinkin about heading to the Luby's or Furr's for a 3:30PM 'supper'! Think I'll use my AAA card to get a discount on it! Maybe watch the 5 o'clock news then head to bed...okay so I'm not that old & I'm not really upset or sad, you know the kids birthdays really hit me far as that kind of thing goes more so than my birthdays. Nothing says your old as dirt like having your kid get a little bit bigger! We go out to do photo shoots & the kids info on our contract say D.O.B. 1994! Man that hurts.

     It didn't hurt so bad that I couldn't head out kind of early that morning with Samantha & start a car shopping trip just to look around.  Needless to say after laying eyes on something I wanted & using the 'but Samantha, it's my birthday!' line we were running to the bank to pull out large sums of money. The only thing better than buying a new car after years of being paycheck to paycheck & years of up hill money battles trying to keep your head above water is being able to do it out right so there is no payment or contract over your head. This is a pretty big deal for us more so because it is a massive purchase that has been made possible by pretty much nothing but photography. We opened our studio for business in 2008 in full force after just hobby/part-timing it for a while & it has not stopped growing since. Now with us doing so much business & traveling to take photos its kind of a balancing act between family & business. All has paid off & we have the flexibility to just phone in a day when we want to. It has also now paid off in a nice house & a super cool dodge magnum. It's kind of funny that a big selling point on the dodge magnum was that the windows are small because of the low profile look & blacked out so that not a lot of sun gets in because that really messes with the boys! They hate it! Well, I am going to head out & practice my old man 'GET OUT OF MY YARD!' fist shake so as always, thanks for reading!


  1. WOW! I didnt know you are Jewish! That's AWESOME! :) I thought I didnt know any Jewish people. Hey you have to tell me how to do the passover meal! I have been trying to teach my girl's all about God's chosen people! Mainly the festivals & feasts & tabernacle & well, basically ALL of it. StephW

  2. Happy Passover! I love that Rugrats episode - I think it was one of the first cartoons that I remember watching thinking, hey - there are Jewish cartoon characters? (I'm also a fan of Francine on the PBS show "Arthur")
    I wrote my own Passover Seder post today as a guest post at the SPD Blogger Network, if you want to check it out:

    and Happy Birthday!

  3. Not a blogger until now but you've hit a soft spot.
    1) Congrats on the recognition -- well deserved I would say ...
    2) Happy birthday (29 is NOT old)
    3) Happy Passover
    4) Enjoy the new car smell while it lasts
    5) Cool "Chucks". The shoe has transcended time!

    I am a 50 year old father of 7. Oldest is turning 23, youngest is 5! (Did I mention 29 is NOT old?)

    Our oldest was diagnosed with Asperger's when he was about 8 or 9. Little was known at the time so we dealt best we could with our understanding. Reading the stories is bringing back many, many memories of bright and inquisitive insights on the seemingly mundane experiences.

    Although not YET formally diagnosed, our 6th child (7 year old) will, without doubt, be in the spectrum. He is great. What is even greater is that we know so much more about what 'makes him tick'.

    Looking forward to sharing as we go ...

  4. Your boys must have a lot of fun. Congrats on being on the Top 25 list!

  5. Congrats on being in the Top 25 Autism Spectrum Blogs :)

    Love the biggest selling point on the car was the windows. Our next car I'm going to be looking at things that reduce noise to the passengers in the back. Like being able to turn the volume down to the rear speakers.


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