I'm one of the 'Top 25 Autism Blogs' {Your Son Has Autism, Congratulations!}

     As the title says, I have this nifty badge & if you click on that little sucker you will be hurled over to Babble, a great parenting site, to see the list of all 25 as well as the little profile they did on little ol' me!  At first I was like, it kind of seems like I'm getting awarded for Jayden having asperger's! No one that I know of has ever got an award for putting their pants on backwards every school day of the year! (Actually I believe Kriss Kross may have gotten an award for that but I'm not sure.)  On a side note, it really is like he only does the backwards cloths dance on school days. Ssometimes I can get up on a Saturday morning & the kids will be dressed & ready to go! On a secondary side note, I totally just made a Kriss Kross reference...click on that link & watch the video for Jump..you know you want to.
     After I checked out the page, article, & profile they put together I got crazy proud & called my mom! Yeah, that's right I called her, I'm not even going to lie! I would love to say something like "I showed jayden & we shared this awesome 'way to go dad' moment but I'm sure when he gets home & I show him this our conversation will be about the fact that the kid on the badge looks like he doing the sponge bob 'Oops! I Ripped My Pants!' dance.

     Thanks so much for reading my blog! I really enjoy posting & getting feedback from everyone. It really is nice to be able to read & see there are other kids out there that do the same things or have the same issues (ASD related or not) that my sons have. It make you feel just a little bit more sane during those insane days when everything is seemingly crumbling at your feet!


  1. Congrats on the award. I will be reading your blog going forward. Very nice :)

  2. Found you on Babble. I also have an 8 year old boy with Aspergers, and a 6 year old boy with Aspergers, so I love to find other parents who deal with these issues. Plus odd and irreverent are always great!


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