{Light Your Mouth Up Blue} Autistic Snow Cones!?!

     So its taken me a few a day or two to blog about this but I am a firm believer in chilling out! I commented on an awesome blog the other day, Modern Mom Redefined, about the fact that on world autism day or autism awareness day or what ever you would like to call it she was getting all Autism'd out!  That's okay! Really though, to parents of these kids ever day is freakin autism day but we don't just put on a blue shirt or drop a dollar in the jar at the store we roll out of bed like a dad-zombie or mom-zilla & make two kids pop tarts cause that's easy & make the other a bowel of cereal.  Then we pour the other two a glass of milk & then the third has to have water or apple juice because "Why would I want a glass of milk, I have a bowl full of it right here?" Every day we get out of bed & take care of our families is autism day so on "Autism Day" I thought it was only right that she was burnt out on it. I am pretty sure we can a relate to that, I know I can.  
{Milk & Cookies}Stressed Dad Style
Sometimes it's cute that Jayden wants to draw blueprints to an Egyptian pyramid but after a full package of printer paper is gone & he is explaining the differences between the hieroglyphics I'm all autism'd out!  SO, I just wanted to share because it was something that stuck with me. Every once in a while its okay to just let everyone else be aware or a crusader or whatever for a day & you just pour yourself a bit of coconut rum in with your OJ on a Sunday morning & roll with the day as best you can. ***P.S. that is not me telling you to get drunk to deal with your kids...you get drunk to deal with your husband...I kid, I kid!!***
     Anyway, below is our Light It Up Blue snow cone trip! What better way than to turn our tongues blue for autism!
     After more questioning than I care to admit over "is my mouth really blue!?!" We headed home & just kind of chilled out the rest of the day.  I made the grave mistake of renting The Sorcerers Apprentice for the boys & needless to say we have to buy it now.  Jayden even went as far as to get all 'Man to Man' on me. "Dad, I was wondering, do you & Sam have any thing I could do to earn enough money to buy that movie?" Wow, when they offer to do house work you KNOW they really want it. Incidentally that holds true for the rest of their life! When I want to do something I will totally take out the trash or wash a load of dishes, Samantha's like "Wow, thanks Tom!...wait...whats up?" Thanks for reading! Don't forget to click to the right & 'Follow Me' & hit me up on Facebook & Twitter!


  1. Thanks for the mention!!! =) I agree, we are our children's advocate... we definitely deserve to relax while the rest of the world takes over for a day or two a year... which explains my mental justification for not doing anything responsible (read: cleaning, lesson planning, blogging, etc.... lol) yesterday. Just spent the day with my boys! =)
    I LOVE the blue snowcone idea! very cute, I'm sure Caydon would've loved that!! Is your son, Jayden, on any "Autism diet"? My son is... so the snowcone would've been quite the treat yet approved. BTW, your milk and cookies concept = genius. although i'd go for tequila or vodka, definitely a good break for Autism Awareness Day! Thanks again for the comments and the mention!

  2. Misty MullendoreApril 7, 2011 at 7:26 PM

    Hey Tom,
    I know I don't know what you and Sam are dealing with, but I do know that you are awesome parents. I wanted to comment here so you would know that I read your blog from top to bottom. I didn't want to comment with a random like on facebook. I am going to kill myself for saying this later but I find you somewhat inspiring. I can't believe I just said that. Anyway, you both are awesome and the way you deal with life, with humor, is perfect and somehow makes me feel better.

    Your friend,
    Misty M.


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