Skills Live {Getting Answers To Our Questions}

     I was contacted last week by the Center For Autism & Related Disorders to see if I would check out their new-ish (I believe it launched in Sept.) web show called Skills Live. I get a lot of e-mails & calls about stuff people want me to take a look at but 99% of the time I don't share it because...well...most of it sucks, is trying to sell you something useless, or it sucks but I do take a look at everything sent my way.
     This is actually pretty cool & helpful. The Center For Autism & Related Disorders started Skills Live as a webshow hosted by an autism mom, Shannon Penrod. What I like about it is that it's super interactive, you can watch the show & either call or type your questions in the side bar to chat with Shannon or one of the guests on the show live. When I checked out some of the previous episodes over on the Skill Live YouTube Channel I found some pretty great resources. There was one episode called Chicken Nuggets & Soup! where Shannon lays out a pretty great way to make a healthier chicken nugget & comming from a dad that has a 9 year old aspie that has frozen nuggets at the top of a VERY short list of "Things I Eat" we will be trying it out asap! Head over & check out You can check out the past episodes on the Skills Live YouTube Channel & get a feel for everything that the Center For Autism offers on their facebook page.

     I'll leave you with a few shots of out trip to the Oklahoma City Zoo.  Jayden generally likes animals, from a distance or on TV anyway but the LOVE the zoo. We havn't been since last year & since we have crazy Oklahoma weather (snow one week & 65 degrees the next) we headed that way yesterday. For $3 a pop we got the boys small cups of necture, walked into the bird enclosre, & what ensued was amazing to say the least! I thought we would hold the cups up to a branch to feed them, a bird would fly by his head, Jayden would freak out, & we would get the heck out of there. What happened was the highlight of the day!


I told him he looked like a pirate!

Anxiety Disorder? What Chu' Takin Bout'?

"Don't poop on me bird!!!"

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  1. Sound cool - thanks for the rec. I am very impressed that the little one is allowing birds to climb all over him. I could never do that!


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