Another Birthday {Stop Growing Already!!}

    When you ask a kid with Asperger's "What kind of birthday party do you want this year?" you had better be prepared for specifics! In fact you had better take notes! I knew we would either be having a Chemistry party or an Egypt party & sure enough Egypt it was. The pyramid had to be a step pyramid, there had to be other smaller pyramids around, & the Sphinx had to be on there somewhere as well. Luckily my mother is a wiz a making cakes & saved the day with this awesome cake! From the chocolate cake step pyramid to the pretzel palm trees it was perfect! Jayden got out the construction paper & the art supplies so that when the guests came in the house walking down the hall way the walls were decorated with hieroglyphs like the inside of a tomb.

      With out doubt Jayden's favorite gift was a Science Wiz DNA kit. It came with a model of DNA that is color coded as well as everything you need to extract your own DNA. I thought his head was going to explode just reading through the directions, all 50+ times he read through it! We had fun when we sat down to do it though. It was a good lesson during one of our home school lessons. Speaking of home school, we are kind of taking it slow to ease him into it since it's a big change. The last week he has been a bit over sensitive & I'm guessing it's because of the massive change to his routine. That said, he is still really doing well! Going into this home school thing I had no idea the ipad would be so helpful! Even as I type this he is sitting behind me at the table watching & reading in an app called Kids Science: Chemistry Experiments. Another great couple of great apps I have found are 2x2=4 & Math Ninja! 2x2 helps with times tables & is like a pirate game where the faster you solve the problem the faster you fire your cannon. Math Ninja, the one he really loves, is a story game that is customizable by the parent as to what kind of problems it asks. I can set to +, -, & x for him so it asks him those style math questions. It works the problems into the game & he has to solve the problem to go farther. He really likes it! If you know of some good apps for home school kids feel free to post it in the comments section! A lot of people have been asking if I will post some lessons on the blog. I am going to make a section of the blog just for stuff like lessons, apps, & anything else that helps us out. I'm just trying to get into the groove of this scary mess called home school before I jump into something like that!

Last but not least we went to Science Museum Oklahoma! This is by far his favorite place in the world! It's all kinds of science & most everything is hands on! Here are a few pics from out day. Thanks for reading!


  1. Came over here looking for Egypt bday ideas, but had to stop and say good luck with homeschooling! I homeschool my three, the middle one is a spectrum kiddo. Hard, but worth it!


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