A Picture Is Worth 1000 Words {My sons in pictures}

Feeling just a bit nostalgic this evening so I went browsing through a few old photos on the laptop & after a few edits I thought I would post up a few.  This is my favorite style of photography, black & white photojournalistic images that really pop off the page & keep the viewer interested. Hope you enjoy!



  1. I love the facial expression where he's showing us the rock. Awesome.

  2. Super great pictures. Your boys are so dang handsome-seriously! My two aspie's are dang handsome too which trips people up sometimes. No strikingly handsome 4 year old should act the way mine does ;) But that's life and it's pretty entertaining. any advice on a great camera to buy for the novice? I want zero delay cause my kids won't stay in one place for long.


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