Hot! Hot! Hot!

     I'm not sure where YOU are right now but here in Oklahoma today my car said it was 118 degrees outside!  We did venture out for a short second to check out the egg + sidewalk = cooked egg  that you always hear about on the worked, kind of, but I wouldn't eat it!
     I've started a new off shoot of the blog I'm calling Sh*t My Aspie Says! I will have a form where others can submit their stories, quotes, & off the wall funnies that seem to always come along with having a kid on the specturm!! Take a look, hope you enjoy!


  1. OK, that sounds like an awsome site. Both of my Aspies say the funniest things sometimes. I'll be sure to visit...

  2. Just stopping by to say that I am really glad to find another blog about ASD. I have 2 boys who are on the spectrum as well as one who also has ADHD. I also have 3 other children who could possibly sit on it as well but not diagnosed. Looking forward to reading more and will also be checking out the new site. My kids have said some classics over the years but do you think that I can remember them.


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