April - Autism Awareness Month!

     So it's officially April now!  Autism Awareness Month!  Today & tomorrow are all about "Light It Up Blue" & tomorrow is official Autism/Aspergers Awareness Day!  We all are showing out with our blue & headed over to a local Parents Day Out program to show the little ones the PBS Arthur Episode where they introduce the character with Asperger's.  It does a really good job of showing the kids that it's not so strange or odd, even Arthur & his crew have a friend with Autism!  I mean, come on really, I'm pretty sure Sponge Bob is Autistic, I wouldn't be surprised to hear an Asperger diagnosis of both Phineas and Ferb, & lets not kid ourselves about Max from Max & Ruby! Get that kid in some OT will you Ruby!

Well, I will have allot more to say later today. I have to get on my way & start the day but thanks for stopping by the blog! I still have the review on its way of Loving Lampposts, sorry for the delay but I wanted to watch it a second time, its really good!! Anyway, get your blue on & show out for Autism & Asperger's! Even if you think you don't know someone on the spectrum does mean you don't!


  1. haha! i love those pictures, they are great!!!! My son also has Aspergers, sometimes it's hard to see the light in it. Your son is beautiful!!! My blog is at modernmomredefined.blogspot.com, come say hi sometime =)

  2. lolololololol.... absolutely LOVE the Asperger King photo... SO right on the money! My 19-year old has Asperger's -- boy isn't he fun? NO, not really! lolol Imagine typical moody teenager... now multiply that by 1000, exponentially. Yep, that's my son. Gotta love him!

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