Adventures In Ass-What?!?

     Asperger’s….. its something that we have been dealing with for years now even though we didn’t know it had a name until just this last summer. Up til now it was called Jayden being Jayden! Shoes on the wrong feet; Jayden being Jayden. Shirt on backwards; Jayden being Jayden. That dead eye look you get when any other kid would be freaking out; Jayden being Jayden. So now we know that Jayden is Jayden & Asperger’s is Asperger’s. Its funny that even though we didn’t know what was going on when he was younger after we got the diagnosis & started to learn about thing we could do at home to help we found that we were already doing alot of the stuff that was suggested! Another funny thing that we found (funny now that the ‘aww shit’ factor has worn off!) was that so many things that Jayden had been in trouble for over the years were all connected to Asperger’s. Its a regular thing around our house for Jayden to do or say something, walk out of the room, Samantha & I will look at each other & say “Damn You Aspergers!” as if we are in an action movie & the bad guy just got one over on us.
Every day is new & every day is a challenge. Jayden makes it easy in some aspects because he is awesome. I’m not sure how other parents have it but we don’t have melt downs or hard headed stand offs. For the most part as long as you don’t mind hearing about Harry Potter & Mario everyone will get along just fine! This morning the younger two boys were up at 5:45Am for no other reason than, I can only assume, they want me to die! I got up & with some luck Jayden was still in bed but around 7 he rousted. Almost every morning we go through almost the same thing.
  • Wake Up
  • Sit down in front of the TV (though everyone is at the table)
  • Get told to come to the table
  • Be the first & loudest to call out his breakfast order
  • Inform dad that while the other two want milk he wants apple juice
  • Put on pants, more often than not over PJ pants until someone says something
  • Put shirt on backwards
  • Watch TV throughout & get mega distracted
  • Need help with getting shoes on because they are high tops
  • Ask what is in lunch bag even though we have the same lunch every day for two years
  • Sometimes pull out homework that dad forgot to look for in backpack
  • ‘Race’ (haha) to get it done
  • Head to school
Thats about our morning! I know, I know it sounds glamoras but don’t be to jelious of us. Yesterday was halloween & after months of debate we had the following rag tag crew. Lots of fun & lots of candy, some of which will be eatin & some of which will be lost in transition to the candy eating trash can. I think my favorite part of trick or treating with the boys was the fact that none of them would answer to their names. If you wanted to talk to one of our rag tag crew you must address them in a proper fasion! Buzz, Woody, or Mario! All night up & down broadway yelling: “slow down mario! let woody catch up with you!” or “I not Zion, I’m Buzz!” I hope your halloween was awesome & if it wasn’t better luck next year. Its a very fine line to walk keeping good moods on a holiday all about dressing up in costume & eating as much candy as possable. Uncomfortable itchy costumes, other kids in the same costume(fight), & feeding candy in a steady fasion that will hold off the sugar crash til the perfect time for hard sleep! Thanks for reading!


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