37 Days til Christmas!…Why would you tell me that you monster!?!

     So I made the mistake of stopping by eBay today & there it was at the top of the page! “37 Days Til Christmas!”  What a mean thing to say, I would much rather let it sneak up on me & kick me from behind like always.  The photo to the left I took last year & it has been one of my favorites ever since because not only does it remind me that I took that photo in Nov. because we were all so excited for the holidays that we set up the tree even before Thanksgiving! To me its also a perfect moment in time captured that is the story of my son Jayden.
     You know how a drug addict REALLY has to have the drug all the time?  How everything he does centers around that drug?  Well in our house all three boys are addicted to Frosty the Snowman! Its sick how much we watch & talk about it.  Samantha & I had found an official Frosty train set to go around our tree at Toy’s R Us.  We got it on the down low & stuck it under our bed to save it as a surprise.  Around the middle of Nov. even the two of us had been chomping at the bit to put up Christmas stuff so we figured why not just put up the tree & hope no one visits our house for a month or so.  Out comes the frosty train & minds are blown!  After everything is settled I snapped this picture.  I like it because to me it really captured the perfect explanation of Jayden as a whole.  Christmas Tree up, cool new toy train running around, reindeer antlers in place, cookies on to bake, & this emotionless glaze on his face that is not happy but not sad its just Jayden.
     The other two boys on the other hand are insane Christmas time monsters who will stop at nothing to destroy their parent last remaining nerve.  If there anything that can compare to a couple of kids debating what Santa will be left to drink, Dr. Pepper or Milk, a month & a half before Christmas?  Other than a childless night with the wife in a hotel room watching king of queens & eating Papa John’s Pizza, no I don’t think anything else can compare to it!  Its still a bit strange when I stop & realize how much enjoyment I get out of spoiling them when you take into consideration how spoiled I was. (one year for my birthday I got a pony, I lived in the middle of town) Anyway, another year another memory.  Thanks for reading!

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