So, What's The New Cause Of Autism This Week?

It happens once or twice a year. A "new" story breaks in the news about  'The Cause Of Autism" & the debate begins again. Not really a debate but more spouting talking points, for that matter most of the stories aren't really stories just buzz words, & to be 100% honest most of the articles are not really new anyway.

Never the less I heard a story about how older dads are more likely to have kids with autism & that got me to thinking. Now that its 2014, lets take a quick search to see what causes autism! Seeing as a massive amount of organizations raise hundreds of millions of dollars to fund research into the causes of autism instead of funding services I'm sure they've got this thing locked up. I mean surely if they were just going to throw out a bunch of wildly different ridiculous hypotheses with pretty thin science behind them surely they would maybe do something worth while like maybe put all cash in a big fund that just issues checks to families with kids on the spectrum so they can have a bit of help with things they need. You know therapies, weighted blankets, tuition, safety equipment for the house, anti-depressants for mom & dad, frozen chicken nuggets by the pallet load, minecraft shirts, expensive cigars & vintage whiskey for those days when grandma takes the kids to the science museum… 

Sorry, I trailed off there for a second.

Anyway here's what I found:

Very informative reading in that last one but my hands down favorite is with out a doubt the story about the alarming rate of cougar deaths! Not sure why that came up when I searched for the cause of autism.


  1. My friend Rachel Cohen-Rottenberg, before she got fed up with online squabbles, used to keep a fantastic running list of such "autism causes" - we concluded that causes include walking on rugs, being human, dark corners, etc. Great post! Count me in for fundraising on that fund, and fund-availing as well ;) Love,

  2. Man, I hear you. If I had a nickle...blah, blah, blah. Of course we all want answers but only if it takes away the years my wife cried because everything she read says it was her fault. Or gave me back the sleepless nights or removed any shame or pain my son has felt. Makes you want to start a National Enquirer for autism! Thanks for the post. I agree completely. Oh and yes, could use a buck or two to pay for the diet, supplements, therapies, respite, crap, etc.

  3. i constantly read about parents who have more than one child on the spectrum, or aspies writing they have at least one more family member on the spectrum. so, how can it be environmental? it's genetic.
    and the autistic memory goes far. i read people saying they remember their infancy, before they got the vaccines. so they must've been autistic back then. my sister's son has adhd, which i read happens more in autism families. it's all nothing but genetic.
    they should fund ipods, safety bracelets, and service dogs, and other therapy that involves animals and music. that could be nice.

  4. I heard it was from drinking water. I mean, have you ever met anybody with autism that has never had a drink of water? It's so simple, really.

  5. Wow, I totally am in love with your blog! :-)

    There is an odd sense of humor that we share, as parents of our kids...By the way, my favorite reason for my daughter's autism is (as told to us by a family member) that we don't let her watch enough television!

  6. I tend not to listen to the what causes debate. I rather seek for help on what can be done to help my son. Last year he was almost suicidal due to his out of control emotions and everything around him caused him to melt down constantly. I felt that I was at his school more than when I was in school. We got him on a supplement from Nuley that has really helped him cope and improve a lot with his emotional balance and focus. He has tried to stop taking it without us knowing, but we quickly find out because he goes back to having severe problems again. I am grateful for the Nuley NRF-2 Optimizer.

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