A Once In A Lifetime Trip To The Zoo! {Take THAT Autism}

I've fallen off the blogging wagon here recently & after talking to my brain (better known as my wife) I realize it's mainly because things have been super good! That's not something I like to admit, that I blog more when things are hard with my son, but it's totally true! I imagine it's because blogging is cathartic but I know that reading good news is cathartic of me so maybe my good times blogs will help others! Speaking of good times blog… MAN do I have one!

I'm going to keep this short because no words can translate how much of a big deal this is & I know you all can feel that as well. It wasn't that long ago my son wouldn't touch some things, wouldn't eat somethings, he had a lot of texture issues. We have worked on that as well as his other reservations & issues. These were put to the test this weekend & got blown out of the water! I've said it before & now I am even more convinced that when autism butts heads with 11 year old boy 99% of the time 11 year old boy will win!

We are wedding photographers & photography takes us some pretty amazing places! We get to interact with celebrities on a regular basis, we travel to amazing locations, & we become part of our clients lives. We photographed a wedding at the Oklahoma City Zoo last year & we thought we hit the jackpot because I LOVE the zoo! Shortly after that wedding we got a call from the events manager who worked with us on that day, she was getting married & wanted to book us. I met them & shortly after did their engagement photos, it was beautiful. After getting a job offer at another venue that she couldn't pass up she decided to leave the Zoo after many years of being a part of that family. To remember those times & as a cool one of a kind couple shoot she arranged for crazy behind the scenes access at the Zoo & asked us to go with them to photograph the day. Not only photograph but bring the kids along to let them be a part of it as well! Giant Galapagos tortoise, bears, sea lions, seals, giraffes, stingrays, & more! All three boys, including Jayden, jumped in & those autism issues that we work through & that rear their head at times just disappeared giving way to the excitement of having your face kissed by a sea lion!

Petting a stingray.. just an average sunday!

Like a very wet dog!

Feeding the stingrays

Getting a feel right after watching them get a bath

Our new family photo!

They REALLY wanted to ride him!

Feeling the texture of a 100 year old shell

I'm not sure if he was shocked at the mouth or mimicking the bite but I love that face!

This one followed Zion around because his shirt was the same color as a carrot! 

Tug O War!


I don't think either one of them knew what to think about the other!

No one is shy!

Learning… up close & personal

One big happy family


No, your breath is great! A bit fishy but great!


  1. YAY! Love to see the happy days! It gives us strength to get through the more challenging ones! We just got back from spring break with our boys (13 and 10) keeping those memories close at hand as we start back to school The transition back after a break for us had always been a tough one, but so far (fingers crossed) so good.

  2. Congratulations, what a fantastic experience! Those smiles are priceless. Having children with Autism gives us an opportunity to see the world through different eyes and try to experience it along 'with them'. I have two sons with Aspergers, 15yo and 9yo. It's challenging every day but, moments like your zoo trip, are ones that are truly amazing and much more rich because we get to experience it from a different point of view and cherish every fleeting moment. Keep up the great work and the blogging.

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