Not Even Jenny McCarthy Believes Jenny McCarthy Anymore!! {The Great Autism Flip-Flop}

I need to charge my phone!
   When I read about Jenny McCarthy or see her speak on TV I sometimes feel like I should be watching the trailer for a bad scary movie! The deep movie guy voice comes on.. "In a world where crazy is used as currency… One woman is the richest in the land…" It's not to hard to find out how I feel about her, her views, & the super harmful misinformation she spreads without any facts or real knowledge to back it up. I hadn't heard from her in a while & we try to keep clear of The View as well but someone just posted this on my Facebook & I was pretty….well see for yourself! "Jenny McCarthy Abandons Her Controversial Position On Vaccines"
   Really? Really!?! Come on now. I'm sorry but when I saw this I really had to check twice to see if this was something Jon Stewart posted or maybe a satire news site like the Onion but nope! You spent the last 7 years spouting anti vaccine propaganda & being the driving force behind an organization that scares the crap out of me!
   Her preaching her crazy then flipping on it reminds me of a guy I used to know! He had something similar going on in his life…

  Man! That really happened! You can really just do almost anything you want when you are a celebrity & have some money. Crazy! Anyway…I'm pushing my soap box back under the table! I know I've got some of you who are anti vaccine & maybe even a couple McCarthy fans (I'm sure she has done some good things, I don't know of any but it could happen) but its just an issue I'm passionate about, I've spent to many years working in ambulances & the ER to not be vocal about something that I know saves lives!

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  1. I think she use to be a funny comedian that I liked watching their craziness but now she's all about preaching. I avoid anything with her on it.


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