A Very Autistic Halloween! {Minecraft-Fanatics-R-Us}

    Halloween is a big deal in our house.  A big deal may even be an understatement!  These kids are already talking smack about what they want to dress up as next year. We really like to stay away from the store bought costumes if at all possible, not only because they are flippin' $30 & when you have three kids…I don't even want to think about it. We also stay away from them because it's just boring, creativity is key!  That being said when my middle son, Zion, came up & said he wanted to be a toilet I was all about it!  Just before, as often time it happens, he changed his mind but MAN a toilet would have been so funny. Anyway, dressing up as a cat proved almost as hard because once we headed to the costume stores I found that it's not easy to find a costume of a cat that's not of the sexy variety. Really though; sexy cat, sexy crayon, sexy Elmo, now that I think about it I should totally get a patent on sexy toilet before it's to late!
     We got Zion the cat taken care of.  After that, for some unknown reason, my youngest son who is 5 wanted to be a lumber jack. That was easy enough but I was unprepared for how stinkin' cute he was gonna be. I mean really…I know he is my kid but I'm the kind of guy who can say the kid is being a jerk if he is, I'm not a 'Look at my little man, he pooted doesn't it smell like a rose!' kind of guy. That being said when my wife painted on the beard & that kid came out in the flannel, sock hat, & ax my face melted off like I was the bad guy in an Indiana Jones movie!

     When it comes to Jayden there was no question. For months before we all knew that there was only one thing he would be going as this year, Herobrine from MineCraft!  Since the only difference between Herobrine & Steve from MineCraft is that he has white eyes I thought.  Yeah! This one is easy! I'll just buy a Steve head & we can paint the eyes! NOPE! I found several but none under $30. Not happening! So I went into cheap ass…THRIFTY dad mode & found this video on Youtube. Not only does she show you how to do it but she also gives you download links to the images to print. I had to do a lot of clipping to get it to fit the box but hey, it was free! Then on the same youtube channel she has how to make a sword & pick ax! The kids flipped! I hot glued a bit of cheese cloth into the box to cover the eyes so they would be white & we were good to go!


  1. Awww-cute costumes. Mine don't like Halloween anymore and I miss the costumes.

  2. Most excellent! Love the costumes. Very, very cute. Minecraft is a BIGGIE in this house too. My husband, son and I are all on the spectrum and all of us love it. A few years back our son made a creeper costume out of a long box and a box for the head, painted it all up and went out with his friends like that. It was darned difficult for him to walk and they had to lead him around over curbs and such but they all had a great time and he got a lot of compliments from other children. Hope you all had a really great Halloween. Bright blessings, Bird

  3. Yes! Awesome Minecraft - my wee friend Fynnjan is a Minecraft fanatic. Also has Aspergers.
    In fact - would you consider reading and possibly even this post - http://wp.me/pDjed-1ES about a him trying to get to Christmas no1 in the music charts in the UK?


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