The Great Autistic Pumpkin Charlie Brown


     Yesterday we finally made some time to do more fall stuff! This is our favorite time of year so when ever possible, like fall break, we like to do as much as we can.
     After the idea of heading to the Zoo got put on the table Jayden was not on board in the least seeing as him & I just went last week with his special needs class on a field trip. Like someone heard my eye twitching as he was getting more & more lethargic about the idea of the zoo the phone rang, his best friend(cousin) was down....why yes, yes Jayden can come over and play for a while! That's right, I'm not ashamed! I took an autism mulligan & just took the younger two boys to the zoo with us!
     After getting home & picking up Jayden we decided to carve up the pumpkin! Nope, no regular looking Jack-O-Lantern will do for us!!

Not sure if they are excited about the pumpkin or hoping I will cut off my finger!

You'll find no fear of "Yuck" from this one!
Why is it every time this kid gets something gross on his hands he
automatically yells "High Five Daddy!"

You take the action where you can get it!
(PS I'm not sure who is throwing who a bone here since she was not happy about giving me a kiss, is it my breath!?!)

A man with slow reaction time in our house is a man with pumpkin smeared on his face!
While Jayden loves to design & supervise the project don't you dare suggest
he put his hand near the guts or you will be cut to the quick with the simple yet
condescending explanation of why your gross for touching that stuff!

Hey, I've got a great idea! Lets teach them how to use a knife! Yeah, that's going to end well!
While the little ones face is cute, what the hell is going on with MY face! Am I concentrating that hard on cutting!?!
Film Maker In Training!

I think the varying degrees of odd ball is pretty funny with the boys.
  • The youngest is 4 years old & painfully, leave it to beaver, normal. When he was given the pen to draw on the pumpkin he put ears on it.
  • The middle son, Zion is 6 & his favorite movie is beetlejuice! When given a pen to draw on the pumpkin he put a beard & stach on it.
  • The oldest, Jayden is 9 & is Mayor of a little place known as Asperger's City. When given the pen to customize the pumpkin he put.....yeah I don't even know, take a look:

Just so you know, this look is what I see in my freakin nightmares!
I don't know how he does it but I would rather have my eyes cut out with a spork
than see this face! I'm just sayin'

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  1. LMAO!!! Just found your blog and I LOVE your take on Aspergers! I have a 9 almost 10 yr. old son with AS and I must keep reminding myself to see the humour sometimes....

    Thanks for the giggle.


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