Special Needs Ryan Gosling Has A Meltdown

     Friday, Friday, Friday! So, Adventures In Extreme Parenthood's Special Needs Ryan Gosling post is today! Don't forget to check out the other bloggers linked up over at Sunday's site! This week I thought I would throw a little something different at you with this post. 'Autism Stinks' Memes! I used pics of my son to make them about things we encounter.
Even Ryan Has Meltdowns From Time To Time!

DishNetwork has "Dish Earth", a live feed of earth from their satellite

MAN, does he hate it when you touch his head!!!

P.S. he wouldn't eat this T-REX beacuse it had 'burnt parts'

Everything In It's Place, Everyhing Is Tied Together


  1. My oldest is bipolar. His room looks a lot like that and the meltdowns SUCK .

  2. Your pictures reminded me of when my son was younger. He's 19 now. Haircuts still suck! lol

  3. My son's closet looks like that! Even though he'll then spend a hour obsessively sorting his cars. When it's not stinking, the crazy opposites like this fascinate me.

  4. Nice! The food one really hit home for me, and most of the others look veeeery familiar.


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