An Autistic Cookbook {2,000 Ways To Cook Chicken Nuggets}

     So after having this blog for a good while, meeting untold amounts of other parents with autistic kids, & in general just diving into the subculture of special needs parents I have found something that crosses my eyes a bit. Whats the deal with Chicken Nuggets!!! I know from lots of talks with parents that my son is just one of many kids that these nuggets top the very short list of things they will eat. My other boys like them but Jayden LOVES him some nuggets! Not all nuggets mind you, they need to be round (pop corn chicken is preferred) Nugget shaped will be fine as long as they are from McDonalds NOT the ones dad buys from the store. Dino Nuggets are doable as long as there is enough ketchup involved. Just remember never to break the golden rule, Not Microwaves! I would cook a steak in the microwave if I could! Jayden though has made his views very clear on soggy nuggets! So, Tyson, whats going on? What are you putting in these $7-$9, budget killing, bags of nuggets!?! I want to know because I tell you if Tyson would come out with a line of veggies that had it in it we would be set!


  1. Believe it or not but my boys don't like chicken nuggets. In fact they don't eat any meat at all. They pretty much run screaming from the table if I put something on their plate other than PB&J or grilled cheese sandwiches.

  2. Yeah, grilled cheese is a staple as well. We do PB but he will not touch the J

  3. i don't know why they can' inject said chicken nuggets with vegetable? I mean, it's all blended up chicken anyway--why not add some nutrition? My son will only eat "mickey mouse chicken nuggets"--dino nuggets are sooooo mainstream... ;)

  4. Enter GFCF nuggets, a whole new level of Hades. 6 bucks for three servings. I hope those chickens are roaming the beach in Aruba for what I pay!

  5. We took a huge step forward not too long ago when my 4year old actually ate a fishstick-granted we all called them chicken nuggets for 3-4 weeks, but it worked. So now we have chicken nuggets or fishsticks.

    Molly-Been there! We tried it for a year - what a nightmare!

    1. I understand that! Jayden only likes cheese from one pizza place so for the longest time to trick him into eating other pizza's I called all cheese "Mazzio's Cheese" & said it was the same thing. He has since caught on but it was great while it lasted! :)

  6. We've tried the vegetable fake chicken nuggets. Bad idea, the texture is all wrong and the nuggets had green bits (peas) inside them.

    Glad I'm not the only one with a nugget obsessed child.

    And now I'm craving popcorn chicken.

  7. I remember trying and trying and trying and trying and trying to get Ash to just try a chicken nugget.

    Then this happened:

    Now there is always a tray of lightly-breaded, unseasoned, dino-shaped, pre-cooked chicken nuggets in the fridge, which Ash eats cold, with nothing to dip them in. He claimed he wanted ketchup....but apparently he just wanted us to have ketchup in the fridge, because he knew that people generally had both *present* at the same time....he had no intention of actually USING it.

  8. LOL! Chicken nuggets are a big hit in our house, too. When the little one got diagnosed with umpteen allergies, we had to switch to homemade. We crust them with potato chips now & I find them as addictive as my son does!


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