Toy Share Time! {Better Than Minecraft?}

So we are doing some videos & the trade off is I'm letting Jayden pick the topic of some of them while I get to pick others. Well, we set up the camera & what he wanted to share with everyone was his favorite toy! Better than iPhone, better than Wii, better than… dare I say it… MINECRAFT! I bought this thing called Snap Circuits Jr. on amazon for him. It had really good reviews & it comes with all kinds of circuits to connect so you can, if put together correctly to flow the electricity, make the lights light up or propeller spin. He loves putting it together in different ways & it has, as you can imagine, spurred him to research switches & circuits to learn more about electricity.  Very fun but very educational with real world applications for down the road. I paid about $25 for it on amazon. You can check it out here:
No, that's not a regular link its one of those nifty "if you buy one of these by clicking on this tom gets a kickback from amazon" kind of links. I didn't get this free to review & I wasn't asked to review it I just saw it on amazon so I bought one & he happened to go ape over it. {Just wanted to put that out there} I just know that sometimes with our kids it hard to find something that they will really really like but doesn't include them getting on a computer or wii or xbox or yeah, you get me.


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    1. Mercedes, the link is showing up for me on my computer & my phone so I'm not sure but if you wanna take a look at it you can just search for it on Amazon, it will come up! :)

    2. Next - go on Amazon and try out the Haynes Internal Combustion Engine... my students just completed building four of them and were fully engaged in the project!

  2. This product is also my son's favorite toy besides Minecraft and Minecraft Youtube tutorials. He is 7 and a half and also has Aspergers. He loves to build the circuits from the book and then change them up a bit. It helps him with his Red Stone creations in Minecraft. Such a great toy and has helped him learn about impedance and conduction. Kind of weird to hear a 7 year old talk about these things. The similarities between your son and our son are striking - anxiously awaiting more posts from your blog.

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