An Open Letter To My Children On This, Our 5th Day Snowed In Together

To: The leadership of the "KIDS" tribe of the Hibben Home

From: Dad aka 'Hey You' aka 'Dude' aka 'Momma…I mean Dad'

Date: Sunday, Dec. 8th 2013 @7:40PM After receiving the call that school is cancelled tomorrow

Dear Sirs,

   I have just been notified that school will NOT be in session tomorrow & as a result of this as well as the thick ice that is on our street we will be forced to co-habitat in this house without the possibility of 'Me Time' for, I believe, the 5th day. I say I believe because I have lost count at this point & it feels like it's been 100 years.
   As this situation is unavoidable due to my wife, your mother's, mandate that I not "Endanger The Children's Lives" by taking unnecessary trips to wal-mart I have come up with a few simple terms that will make for a truce that I know both our people's can live with so that peace & harmony will be enjoyed by all.

The Treaty Of Squatting Kid Creek


  • If kids awake before sunrise or, more importantly, before Dad-Rise the kids CAN play Minecraft, watch 'Netflix Kids', play iPad games or any other Parent-Sanctioned activity as long as that activity meets the following requirements: It Doesn't Wake The Parents!
  • Pop Tarts, OJ, & Multiple Cereals will be made available to your people but NO, I repeat NO, Rice Crispy Treats may be touched. 
  • This land we share overflows with resources: iPad, iPod, TV, Netflix, Wii, & 2 iMac Computers. These resources must be shared by your people & not fought over because someone is putting lava on someone else's house in minecraft or another obvious act of war.
 Violation of these terms will be viewed as an ACT OF WAR against Dad & you will be retaliated against with the full force of the Parental Arsenal.

  I know if these terms are agreed to & the members of your tribe abide by them we will all live in peace. With a bit of understanding & you three steering clear of my room so I don't get woken up before 6:30AM I know we will not end up like the Donner Party…I'm looking at you middle son…I WILL cook you rotisserie style!

4" Of Snow & 16 Degrees Outside! Fun…for about 7 minutes

Dean loves him some snow angels! 

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  1. LOL. That is way too long to be stuck in the house. :)


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