What Happens When Your Autistic Kid Is More Normal Than The Normal Kid!

It's pretty well known in our home & with the poor fools who have to deal with us in person that we are a pretty odd family.  I'll be the first one to admit that Aspergers, while a lot of times hard or frustrating, can be very funny!  Zion, our 7 year old with an anxiety disorder, doesn't speak much around people he doesn't know but when we are hanging out around the house we are constantly under siege by a barrage of fart jokes laced with butt humor.  How does this kid go from a withdrawn anxious bottle of stress to an odd ball dancing on the sofa with a pair of dad's glasses on his butt saying 'HI, MY NAME IS DADDY...MY BREATH SMELLS LIKE FARTS!" Yeah....I know....you think Barack Obama did that when he was 7? Yeah, probably not. I'm proud either way! 

My vex tonight is the fact that you would think Zion or even Jayden with all his quarks would be the "ODD" one but nope! They both pale in comparison to our NT kid Dean. Tonight he came to get me so he could show me where he is sleeping tonight! A box. That's right, a cardboard box. Blankets, pillows, & a stuffed animal all tucked in. Samantha gave him the go ahead & before we knew it.....that kid really fell asleep in the freakin' thing! Granted I had to pop him out so we don't have to deal with the fall out of a sore neck tomorrow morning but I'm none the less impressed! I guess on one hand I'm happy that all three are odd balls & it's not a special needs thing, it's really just having a really strange dad & a mom that is supportive no matter what. I wish they would just stay this age forever! I would take the bickering, fighting, & crying on a daily basis if I could keep them from moving on to all of the yuck that is ahead.  Dances, test scores, cars, popularity, &.......worst of all.....girls! Lord help me!

We have had such an overwhelming response to our little bed time talks on YouTube that I though we would just keep it up. We even used our stop motion app on my phone to make an intro to our videos! So scroll down for tonight's VLOG (Video Blog) where we talk a short bit about fighting with his brother & Jayden having an inappropriate amount of crying for a little smack that his brother gave him.  We also talk for a second about how the texture of my sweaty thumb apparently is a calming texture for him....what the!?! Check it out.

P.S. Please forgive my horrid singing voice & atrocious banjo playing!

Well, Its Better Than.....A VAN DOWN BY THE RIVER!!

Super Hero!

I'm not sure what the heck this is about!

He got his mama's big lips!

The professor

Backpack, Tighty-Whiteys, One Cowboy Boot & A Wii Remote - Our Sunday Best!


  1. Maybe he's pretending to be a Ghostbuster in the backpack and one boot pic! :)

  2. Love the video! Especially when he said "You're not me" - asserting himself ;-) Looking forward to more videos


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