Side Project Time! {Our Autism Puzzle Piece Key Hook Wall Hanger}

If you follow me via the blog, Facebook, twitter, or instagram you probably know that I LOVE to dip my toe in a lot of different things! I'm work in an emergency room, I photograph weddings, I do the blog & speaking events, I have worked in a funeral home, 911 dispatch, ambulance services & usually all at the same time. I guess Samantha & I are just the kind of people that if we have an interest in something we try it out.  One of our favorite things to do together has always been junking! Junk shops, antique stores, estate sales, & more. Re-working old gems, upcycling awesomeness, & a bit of wood working! We call this little bit of fun Junklahoma. When we find something neat, odd, or we can use to make something else cool we snatch it up! I'm' not sure why we never combined this with autism advocacy since autism bleeds over into every other aspect of our lives why not!?! So, we created these cool key hook wall hangers! They are about 10"x7", painted blue, & distressed for a cool look.

They are listed on, our Etsy Shop, for $30 but for my blog readers I have set up a coupon. Enter the PROMO CODE: ASPIEADVENTURES for a $5.00 discount!!

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