My Very Own Super Hero! {Our 5 Year Wedding Anniversary}

First off! What do you think!?! You like? Yeah! Yeah! I flippin' love it! Welcome to the new Adventures In Aspergers!  I am starting a new leaf & blogging regularly, wider subject ranges, & trying to be better all around.  Stuffs getting real! I interviewed Temple Grandin! Sooooooo, look for new awesomeness coming soon. Better blogs, easier navigation's, new subjects, more helpful articles, bigger giveaways, & way more content! Thanks to all of you who read my blog, I'm so happy you all get as much good out of it as I do putting into it.

On Friday Samantha & I will have been married for 5 years! I know that isn't really that long but it really is to me!  When we got together, as I'm sure I have or will blog about sometime,  she was a single 20 something year old chick with an awesome job, her own place, & living the life.  I was a divorced guy with full custody of my two sons, one of whom was only 7 or so months old.  Not really a dream guy, if you know what I mean!  She didn't hesitate a second, or at least she hid her hesitation really well, & when the time came she moved in with us when our house was.....disorganized! Yeah....that's the word I'll use! :)

It's hard to believe its been five years! I know I will probably post about how great she is when the day gets a bit closer but I wanted to post a few things I've learned & a few reasons I'm thankful for her.

1st things first: You Rock Our F*ing Socks Off!
We are all thankful that you make us be safe(helmets) but let us be cool($20 eyeball helmet)
We are thankful you gave us the 'MOM' blessing to get a dog!
{MOM blessing is kind of like the pope's blessing but the pope won't smack the crap out of you if you do what he said not to do}
You've taught us to appreciate these small moments where maybe nothing is happening but it still means the world.

I'm thankful you haven't left me for a taller, darker, more famous hair dude.
You love us event when we're upset & maybe trying to kill you with 'The Force'
I, myself, have learned that when I'm a smart ass or an idiot I can expect the Irish to come out (behind the kids back because you're a lady & a good mom) 

I've learned to trust my wife when she says, "just do your hair like you want will look great. Quit being a baby ya big freakin' baby!"
We have both learned & are thankful that we are a pretty awesome family! We would be way less put together & way more creepy/smelly with out you!
This is the only picture that accurately conveys your awesomeness!


  1. happy anniversary! she really a unicorn that breaths rainbow fire?!!..where do I get me one of them!! the blogs new look ( & your hair ). Cheers big ears! Al :)
    ps that shot of your boy & the dog in the doorway is magic!!

    1. I'm not sure if she is the rainbow fire breathings unicorn or if she is Monical wareing cat in a top hat who has boken said unicorn to ride him. Thanks either way though! :)


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