Leading By Example {What I've Learned From My Wife & Kids About Being A Dad}

     I blog a lot about my kids, about my life with them, & about the things we do to try and teach them how to act. I don't often blog about all the great things my wife & kids have taught me over the years! So here is a very short history of me & few of the things I thought of today that my wife & sons have taught me. I hope you enjoy. {If you don't already 'Follow' my blog you totally should, it's right over there ------->}

Being Born, My Mom's 'Kiss My Gritts' Shirt, Depression Over
The Birth Of My Little Brother, & Hanging Out With My
Great Grandfather

Boyz In The Suburban Hood Circa 1994
Band Geek? Nope, I took geek to a new level
via the high school Orchestra!

In 2003 I, though still a baby, had a baby

Since Having Kids I've Learned All Kinds Of Stuff!!

I learned how to play baseball!

How To Be A Mature Responsible Adult

How To Be A Plumber...An Italian Plumber No Less!

I Learned How To Get Girls To Like Me!

Learned How To Shop
Learned How To Make Girls Hate Me!
Learned How To Eat Right & Not Play With Your Food...Much..

Learned That Dad's Are The Only Monster You Need Fear!

Chicks Dig A Guy With His Own Wheels

There are important things a dad should teach his son

Learned How To Think Before I Speak....Still Thinking...

Learned Leprechauns Are In Fact REAL!

Parenting styles vary just a bit from family to family

Learned All About Hospitals & How Comfortable Couches Are!

Learned I'm A Lucky Son Of A Gun

I learned that even though you THINK you know the rules to a game, you don't!

I learned how to cook

I learned that I wasn't cut out for 9-5 jobs

I learned some crazy shit goes down in a house when
mom leaves for a day!


  1. Also that your wife has had many different hairstyles in a short amount of time.

    1. And all of them are awesome! You two are adorable.

  2. Found you through Sunday's link. Love this post! Made me smile from beginning to end. Fantastic! :)


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