Lunch Time!!!

     Mom headed out to the store so lunch fell on me today & after seeing the difference I thought I would post up a short note on how awesome The Pampered Chef Cut N Seal is! No, I don't sell pampered chef & no they are not giving me money or product to talk about it (but if your reading Pampered Chef execs, I would! :) but I digress. We eat alot of Peanut Butter at our house...a lot! I'm talkin' industrial size, feed a school, massive amounts of goodness peanut butter! Anyway, we got this thing & it has made the difference between my nasty looking dad pb&j & the awesomeness that is the round ones in the box you get at the grocery store that the kids love but end up breaking my wallet! Check it out, best $10 I've spent in a while.

My Before & After!


  1. How awesome! My aspie daughter is obsessed with those darn "circle peanut butter and jelly's ". I must buy one of these! Thanks for sharing.

  2. One of the best inventions yet! Especially for kids who are messy eaters, this definitely would lessen pb & j drips and stains on the rug.


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