Pre Blog Nugget Of Awesomeness!

     So I have been blog-negligent for a bit! But all is awesome! As you know if you follow me on facebook I was published on Yahoo! News after being on duty with the ambulance service EMS during Oklahoma's recent tornadoes. If you don't 'LIKE' me on facebook then....what's wrong with you! Get your butt over there! The reason for my recent neglect is my work on a couple of ebooks that I'll be putting out tomorrow, along with a new blog! Sooooo if you are not already a 'Follower' click it! Stop's right over there------>

     In the mean time I leave you with DJ Dizzy Deano & MC Zi Zi! A new old school mad rap duo I found at the top of my stairs yelling, "Daddy! Check us out, we're old school!"

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  1. Omg this is great! Old school in deed. I laughed for a good minute looking at this. Thanks I needed that.


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