Big Big News! {And An Awesome Give-A-Way!}

So, in case you didn't see it over on my Facebook page, twitter, or Instagram you should check out the article I was interviewed for in Slate Magazine! 

That was pretty awesome but the big big news is that on June 19th I will be interviewing Dr. Temple Grandin about her new book 'the Autistic Brain' Sooooooo, I'm pretty excited! As we speak I'm waiting for a copy to be delivered so I can jump into it. Her other books, if you have not read them, are amazing. Oh & did I mention that she is sending me an extra signed copy to give away to one of you all!!!! I'm so excited...& I jut can't hide it...I'm about to.....sorry, I got a bit carried away there & went all 1980's on you! 
    Stay tuned in the next couple of weeks for details, I will set the give away date & terms as soon as the book come in! 

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  1. What I like about Temple Grandin is that: she feels that autism, asberger's, or ASD should limit a person. I read a quote from her somewhere that she feels: children these days are focusing too much on having autism. She said that when she came up to speak to child at a school; when she asked them who they were, the stated that they had autism. She was shocked. She expected them to say: I am a artist, or a football player, or I am working to be an Champion. The children seem more focused on their disabilities than the possibilities. She is a brilliant lady. Cheryl Zmijewski


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